I have several 7 gallon plastic 1st stage fermentation barrels for sale, ($15.00 each), and a few food grade clean 5 gallon plastic pails ($5.00 each).
I have several 23 litre glass carbouys ($12.00) all in excellent condition. There are also 2 larger carbouys - 30 litres ($15.00 each) and 1 smaller about 18 litres ($10). The 3 sizes available allow you to 2nd stage your wine closer to a full carbouy without having to top up. I have a few gallon jugs as well at $1.00 each. Many other miscellaneous suplies from air locks to labels, hydrometers, siphon hoses, bottling tubes, etc. If you have made wine you probably have a good idea of the supplies I have and if you haven't but want to take it up as a hobby, this is one stop shopping. I have everything you need.